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Beauty Architects—a partnership between SKAGGS and FranceLAB—is a team of gifted scientists, design and communication savants, and marketing and distribution aces. Specializing in the beauty, skincare, and perfume industries, we have extensive experience helping brands of various sizes develop and expand their business in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

What we do is beyond consulting.

Our multi-layered approach begins with a top-to-bottom analysis of your brand, from the scientific formulation of your product, to the packaging, design, and voice, to the go-to market planning, marketing, and distribution strategies. We identify your strengths and weaknesses, recommend strategies for growth, then propose solutions and the means to implement them. Our approach allows you to consolidate your brand and lay the foundation for dramatically growing your business and reaching greater markets.

We are action- and results-oriented, dedicated to your goals, and focused on your excellence. Our skills will help you develop your brand while maintaining the integrity and soul of your vision.

Thibaut Fougeras de Lavergnolle

Jonina Skaggs

Bradley Skaggs

After completing his MBA at HEC, the leading business school in Europe, Thibaut Fougeras began his career in the beauty industry at L’Oréal, where he became head of his division and a marketing director before becoming Director General at Givenchy Perfumes for Japan.

After completing his MBA at HEC, the leading business school in Europe, Thibaut Fougeras began his career in the beauty industry at L’Oréal. Holding posts from product manager to marketing director, he launched and re-launched several key products. He then moved to the Louis Vuitton Group, as President for Givenchy in Japan, and then to Dior in Asia, where he increased both business and market share. During his fifteen years with L’Oréal and the Louis Vuitton Group, he traveled around the world, combining product and business development strategies, before deciding to establish his own company, FranceLAB. Created to provide the best of French savoir-faire in beauty to brands and retailers worldwide, FranceLAB takes a rigorous, holistic approach.

Passionate about science and art, Thibaut and FranceLAB help brands develop both their scientific formulations as well as their artistic creation and presentation in order to reach their business goals. His personal philosophy is that no excellent product exists without great business impact. Comprising all product facets, from formula to packaging, FranceLAB’s approach is fully results-oriented. This approach has drawn clients from around the world, including such notable French companies as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Galeries Lafayette, Mauboussin, and Guerlain, as well as such globally-known brands as Nivea.

A native of Iceland, Jonina Skaggs is Art Director of Skaggs Creative, a branding agency she co-founded.

Upon completing her studies in architecture, Jonina completed a Master’s degree in branding and graphic design. After working at some of San Francisco’s most notable agencies, Jonina and her partner, Bradley, established Skaggs Creative in 1998, moving it to New York City two years later.

Understanding the specific requirements of effective branding for beauty and fragrance companies has been the key to Jonina’s success, and to Skaggs Creative’s numerous awards. With a client list that reads like a directory of industry heavyweights, such as Estée Lauder, as well as noted innovators, such as Lipstick Queen, Jonina has shaped a design sensibility that is aesthetic and simultaneously aspirational, beautiful, and effective. On all her projects, she likes to consider both ends of the telescope—the macro and the micro view—firmly believing that perspective and proportion are essential to shape and content. Her European sensibility crossed with a crisp American directness combine to further hone her vision.

When not art directing the team at Skaggs, she teaches marketing and communications at the University of Iceland and offers a studio course in branding and packaging at the College of Arts and Crafts in Northern Iceland.

After completing his B.A. in architecture, Bradley Skaggs spent several years living abroad and working on urban planning and architectural projects in Germany and Luxembourg.

He began to develop a specific design philosophy, comprised of two essential axioms: “form follows function” and “less is more.” He and his partner, Jonina Skaggs, created Skaggs Creative, a branding agency, in 1998, where he serves as Creative Director.

Over the years, Skaggs Creative’s ability to offer a whole branding experience has earned the agency numerous industry awards for excellence and innovation. By digging into the essence of a brand, Skaggs is able to develop its verbal and visual identity as well as an incisive marketing and communications strategy. Though they have a wide range of clients, their special affinity for working with beauty and fragrance brands is obvious from their client list, which includes diptyque, Coty, Donna Karan, Clinique, Nicky Kinnaird, and Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer, among others.

The specific challenges of working on the brand architecture of several perfume and skincare brands solidified Bradley’s core belief that memorable branding comes from the efficient communication of a distinct, individual vision. His work philosophy, which finds its roots in his training as an architect, is equally concise, focused on creating excellent work that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Client List

  • Beauty Success
  • Bonpoint
  • Clinique
  • Coty
  • Diana Vreeland
  • Dior
  • diptyque
  • DKNY Be Delicious
  • Donna Karen Pure
  • Estee Lauder Group
  • Fragrance Republic
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Guerlain
  • Lipstick Queen
  • LV
  • Marie Claire
  • Marionnaud
  • Mauboussin
  • My Little Beauty...
  • Nicky Kinnaird
  • Parashop
  • Paris Saint Germain
  • Replere by Dr. Debbie Palmer
  • Spadaro Fine Fragrances
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Talika
  • Veld's

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